Coffee is one of the most unique craft products in the world because it comes to the end consumer most often in an unfinished condition. Think about craft beer, artisanal cheese, or craft spirits. Most of these other things are purchased as a completely finished product ready for consumption. Purchasing a bag of coffee is purchasing a craft product which still needs to be ground, brewed, and filtered. 

This is why most people who become enthralled with coffee love the art of brewing coffee. While it's not always the easiest product to work with, the ritual around coffee brewing can be as enjoyable as the selection and consumption processes. We have a selection of brewers which we feel produce an excellent cup of coffee, and are enjoyable to use. Many of these are works of art in and of themselves.

Keep in mind that consistency is key when brewing coffee, and the grinder you choose will be more important even than the brewer. We don't offer the cheapest options for grinders, but we do feel that the coffee grinders we sell represent the best value grinders overall. You won't find yourself replacing these often, or dealing with inconsistencies in the grind with our models. While expensive, remember that you probably have several items in your kitchen which you will use far less often than a coffee grinder, which are well over double or triple the price of even our Forte`.

Finally, we offer some additional items which can help when brewing coffee and just add to the functionality of your kitchen in general. You'll never realize how much you needed a good general purpose scale until you have one!

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