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Anasora Intenso • Yeast Inoculated Ethiopia • Mango Candy & Bergamont • 12oz


Anasora Intenso • Yeast Inoculated Ethiopia • Mango Candy & Bergamont • 12oz


Region: Guji, Ethiopia

Producer: Anasora Washing Station • Israel Degfa

Process: Washed Yeast Inoculated

Variety: Intenso

Tasting Notes: Mango Candy, Bergamot, Creamy body

Anasora Washing Station is owned by Israel Degfa, one of our most fruitful
relationships in Ethiopia. On top of owing almost 100 different coffee farms
and mills, Israel also owns and operates Kerchanshe Coffee Exporters in
Ethiopia. He is one of the most successful young people in the Ethiopian
coffee industry, and is making a massive impact on the country’s specialty
market. We have been buying Israel’s coffee for over 5 years, and we are
honored to have such a close relationship with him.

Anasora Washing Station is a farming/processing cooperative located in
Guji, but most of its farmers live nearby in Yirgachee. Anasora has ~350
farmers in its network every year, and provides several thousand jobs to
locals throughout the year

This is a washed processed coffee, with the addition of yeast fermentation.
Intenso is a strain of yeast produced by Scott Laboratories (the same
organization that created the SL-28 and SL-34 varieties in Kenya) designed
for wine fermentation. Coffee cherries are floated, sorted, and hulled, and
placed into the open air fermentation tanks with Intenso Yeast. The cherries are then washed of mucilage and stripped of parchment, and exported.

Tasting notes:  Mango Candy, Bergamot, Creamy body

Ratio: 1:17 | Grind: 8.4/16.0 | Bloom: 1:2 for 45s | Total Brew: 3:45
Recommended continuous pour for more sweetness; this coffee brews slowly and grinds coarser than usual