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Boji Bonde • Ethiopia • Orange & Peach • 12oz


Ethiopians were the first people to drink coffee, and you can easily see where the history and the future of coffee meet while sharing a beer with Israel. He embodies a deep connection to the origins of coffee, and he's "all in" on producing exceptional harvests year after year. Even though he's a large producer, he is continually looking for new ways to better his craft. 

He introduced me to Lemu, the engineer who oversees Boji. Lemu joked about joked about how he "retired 5 years ago," but has yet to actually leave his position because of the community of people and continual innovation that happen here. Join us in Kochere to celebrate the people who are pioneering one of the first Carbonic coffees in Ethiopia. 


Ratio: 1:17  |  Grind: 7.9/10  |  Bloom: 1:2 for 40s  |  Total Brew: 3:00
Boji is a very forgiving coffee and brews well on Chemex or V-60. It grinds slightly coarser than other single origins.

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