Bole Hora • Ethiopia | 12oz


Bole Hora is a new relationship for us in Guji. This is another single estate coffee, which is exciting because of how few farms are able to produce enough coffee for a single lot in Ethiopia! This farm is owned and operated by second generation farmer Biniyam Aklilu. Mr. Aklilu's father established the land in 1980 and they have become a well known and respected family in this region. 

Because it is an estate coffee it has a lot of traceability, and so we can potentially get the same quality year to year. We have been pleased with how this coffee is cupping and think it's an excellent example of Guji and Natural processed coffee in general!

This coffee is very fruit forward with notes of clementine and white peach, with a very creamy body.

2000 meters | Ethiopian Varietal | Natural Process | Guji, Ethiopia

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