Familia Rodriguez • Bolivia • Dark Chocolate & Tropical Fruit


Discover the Jewel of the Samaipata Region: A Journey of Passion, Innovation, and Unwavering Commitment to Excellence in Bolivian Coffee.

Many farmers are working to create differentiation and value. One of the best ways to do this is to experiment with unique varieties in their own unique terroir. Java has been one of the most exciting varieties we’ve found at many of the farmers we are working with in Colombia which find their way in our exotic lineup. It’s unusually vibrant, while also giving good visibility to the flavor profile typical of the terroir. This gives this coffee a great balance between clarity to the terroir of Samaipata, Bolivia, of which richness and dark chocolate flavors are dominant, and the potential of experimenting with exotic varieties. Java sheathes the dark chocolate and rich sweetness of Bolivia in tropical fruit.

Region: Samaipata, Bolivia

Farm: El Fuerte • Familia Rodriguez

Process: Washed

Variety: Java

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate and Tropical Fruit


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Phil's Story

Pedro Pablo • El Fuerte

"We set out for the Bolivian countryside on a quest for excellence. Our destination: Pedro Rodriguez's El Fuerte farm. I knew Pedro was an innovator, a pioneer of Bolivian coffee, and the first to plant coffee in this region. Meeting him was an awakening. It was clear that his passion for coffee had driven him to overcome great odds – building a farm where none had existed before. And he had done it all for the love of his people and his craft.

Our journey began on a dusty road to the outskirts of Samaipata. The further we drove, the more evidence we saw of the biodiversity that had drawn Rodriguez to this land. The El Fuerte farm, named after the eponymous fort in Samaipata, represented a fusion of Incan, Spanish, and Chañe cultures. It was an experiment to test the viability of the region for specialty coffee production, which began as a singular vision in Pedro’s mind.

With unwavering determination, Pedro had worked tirelessly with agronomists to develop rootstock and growing programs that maximized quality. He experimented with different land plots until he found the perfect one for El Fuerte near the edge of the Amboro National Park. With every step, the abundance of the land grew deeper into our consciousness. The fauna and flora had merged with Rodriguez’s unwavering commitment to coffee, making El Fuerte the jewel of the region.

We have returned to El Fuerte year after year, exploring Pedro’s pursuit of excellence, deepening our relationship with his family as his children take over operations, tasting new vintages, and understanding how they think about quality. When Pedro shared that they are producing the Java variety at El Fuerte, we knew we had to have it in our lineup. Java has been one of the nicest varieties coming out of Colombia over the last few years; vibrant and wildly expressive, it has become a staple in our exotic lineup.

Pedro Rodriguez was a man like no other, driven by the strongest vision to create and cultivate an extraordinary coffee farm that would become renowned throughout the world. Our journey to El Fuerte was a testament to our shared pursuit of excellence, fueled by passion, diligence, and a deep respect for the land." - Phil (Corvus Founder/Coffee Buyer)