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Foreign roots in new soil.

Region: Cerro Verde, El Salvador

Farm: Finca El Retiro

Producer: Pacas Family

Process: Natural 

Variety: Sudan Rume

Tasting Notes: Key Lime Pie, Raspberry, and a clean Floral finish

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Sharing this coffee with Nathaniel unveiled his deep interest in the farmers' narratives, underscoring the transformative power of passion in their craft. The saga of the Pacas Family, now led by Maria and Alfredo, embodies a legacy of pride and commitment, handed down through the ages. Their latest album, "South of Here," finds inspiration in Latin American and southern cultures, echoing the coffee choice for their tour—an El Salvadorian lot from the Pacas Family at El Retiro. This naturally processed Sudan Rume, an intriguing coffee variety, yields exquisite flavors of Key Lime Pie, Raspberry, and a pristine Floral finish—a sensory voyage evoking summer evenings spent listening to soulful melodies.

Maria and Alfredo take great pride in the dynasty that is the Pacas Family Estates. Her grandmother was a prolific coffee farmer in El Salvador, making a name for El Retiro before passing it on to her children. As their family has grown and taken deeper roots in the coffee industry, they’ve taken a personal interest in their workers, seeing the positive impact they can make in their lives; even noticing how the farm managers are confident and proud of their work

Sudan Rume is an Ethiopian landrace and a mutation from the Bourbon variety. It’s mostly used for breeding purposes due to its disease resistance, but in the hands of the right producers, beautiful tropical and floral notes burst through. Lots of this coffee are often small and yield very limited quantities.




V60 Brew Recommendations:

Dose: 20g

Ratio: 1:17

Grind: Medium-slightly coarser

Bloom: 1:2 for 30s

Total Brew: 2:30

TDS: 1.37

Extraction: 19.9%

We recommend a pulsated pour for more sweetness and punch.



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