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Kebun Galla • Sumatra • Baking Spice & Cedar • 12oz

Have you ever had the dream where you're running, but the air is like mud and you can't move forward without huge effort? Sumatra's humidity is like that - an oppressive force, working against you everywhere you go. It's been working against coffee here for generations; wet-hulled coffee is the norm. It's pungent, earthy, unpleasant, and hides the true terroir of this island nation. It was born out of the need to dry coffee quickly, but has held back quality and the flavors this area could offer.

We've been on a mission to find fully washed, clean Sumatran coffees since Philip first began roasting in his garage in Arvada, CO in 2010. Since that time we've purchased two Sumatran coffees. One was a natural process coffee from an estate in Gayo, and now this coffee; Kebun Galla. Voster Hutabarat is the man who meets us and shows us the farm and mill that's been a constant work in progress for many years now. He has a wide smile and intense black eyes. He began fully washing coffee skeptically four years ago but as he's seen the results and the prices this process enables him to get since then he's become an advocate for the process!

We view Voster as having the potential to be a long term partner, and we will be exploring Indonesia and Asia more in upcoming harvests! Stay tuned to follow us on this exploration and all our adventures through coffee!

This coffee is characterized by spice! It's a full bodied and dense coffee, with baking spice notes, aromatic cedar, and a slight sweet herbal quality in the cup.

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