Mikuba Natural

Gitwe Hill, Matongo Commune, Kayanza Province, Burundi, East Africa
This coffee, as all our coffees from Burundi, comes from the Long Miles Coffee Project. A remarkable farmer-focused initiative by a small American family who is truly a source of inspiration and an example where perseverance,  hard work, risk-taking and having love toward people can take you.
Kristy and Ben Carlson started out with a dream to facilitate direct relationships between roasters and farmers, and as a result better the quality of coffee and the lives of the farmers. After a while of sourcing coffee around Burundi the Carlson’s decided to build their own washing station. This seemed like the only way to gain total control over coffee quality and the processing as well as making sure the farmers get good compensation for all their hard work.
Their washing station, Heza has a total of 2500 farmers delivering coffee and over 150 employees to produce the best quality coffee possible. They have one team that is responsible for the cherry selection, quality monitoring, farmer reception, and coffee production. Another, female-driven team taking responsibility for extensive quality control and artisanal curation of coffee parchment.
Flavors of Sweet Coco, Lime Citrus, and Toffee with a Smooth finish
Encore setting: 21 - 23g 336g H2O