Monte Brisas • Costa Rica | 12oz

 Monte Brisas is a very special farm. A newer relationship which we began last year with MariCruz Salazar and her family, this coffee exceeded our expectations this year. We found the Salazar family through our friend Diego Guardia, and he was very excited about the potential at this farm. It is a very well run and carefully managed operation. Equipment and drying beds are exceptionally clean and well organized which feeds into the overall consistent quality of this farm.

This coffee is more accurately a yellow or white honey process, but it really has the balance and cleanliness of a washed coffee. Like most producers in Costa Rica, MariCruz does not employ fermentation tanks in her process, choosing to use mechanical demucilagers. This is a little better for the environment because it uses less water and has less potential to contaminate water supply because of water run off. However, removing the fermentation step can really lower the complexity and vibrance in the coffee. Leaving a little of the mucilage on the beans as they dry adds back some of this fermentation and the complexity that goes with it.

We taste really dominant red apple in Monte Brisas coffees, and it's bolstered by mellow brown sugar sweetness and a juicy and balanced body. It's mild and enjoyable by really any type of coffee drinker; everyday joes to coffee nerds will love this really nice producers' coffee!

1800 meters | Caturra Varietal | Red Honey | Tarazzu Valley, Costa Rica

Tasting video coming soon

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