Ouro de Minas • Brazil | 12oz

Ouro de Minas is an exceptional pulped natural processed Brazil from Juruaia. We often say that quality is infrastructure dependent and, while Brazil has had a reputation for blender and commodity coffees, many producers here are making a big commitment to quality. With the enormous infrastructure in place, we are finding farms like Ouro de Minas

This farm is owned by Claudeci Divino and his family, who have been farming for several generations here in the high plains of Brazil. They see the ecology not only as important for the animals living in this diverse region, but for coffee quality. Nearly a quarter of their land is set aside for a nature preserve, and we often see this type of arrangement having a vague but clear impact on the overall health of the farm. 

We sent this coffee in for a series of cuppings at CoffeeReview.com on Brazilian coffees. It was up against several competition coffees and ended up tying for the second highest rating. While we primarily use this coffee for our Halcyon blend we decided to feature it for a short time for people to try as a single origin. It's full of those flavors we love for our primary drip blend. Mostly dark chocolate, with some spice flavor and a full smooth body.

1200 meters | Mundo Novo Varietal | Pulp Natural | Juruaia, Brazil


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