Sidra Reserve Coffee | La Palma Estates | Colombia | 150g

Sidra is a variety which mutated from Typica and Bourbon in Ecuador and is giving the more common Gesha variety a run for the money! We have worked with La Palma y El Tucan coffee estates for 5 years now, but this is the first year we cupped this coffee. We tasted it next to their Gesha competition lots and were blown away by how much better we rated this Sidra versus the widely acclaimed Gesha!!

This variety has not only the intense and obvious fruity-ness you'd expect in a super premium variety, but it has a totally unique flavor profile. It's a cup full of strong peach cobbler and mango notes, with eucalyptus and cinnamon flavors mixed in. It's a very fruity and sweet cup- closer to fruit juice than coffee almost- but also very rich and full. 

This coffee was used in the world barista championships this year and the first place winner and third place winners used the same Sidra Natural from La Palma estates. We are very excited about the launch of our premium reserve line- which will feature very high scoring coffees (think 98 point wines or higher), and will focus on unique varieties we find as we travel the world. 

There are only 420 tins of this coffee available this year, so don't think twice or second guess whether you need to try it! The price is reflected 100% in the cup.

This is one 150g tin

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