Sonora Honey • Costa Rica | 12oz

Hacienda Sonora, Diego's family farm, is one of the most acclaimed farms in the world. His father was growing a variety of products including turf and house plants when Diego began to take over the operations. Like so many of us, he got bit by the coffee bug somewhere along the way, and switched over to farming exclusively coffee. It sprawls across misty mountains and is now separated into many different plots featuring heirloom and experimental varietals of coffee.

The varietal we loved on the table this year was Venezia!

Venezia is usually one of the best varieties at Hacienda Sonora, which really specializes in variety and process oriented micro lots. What that means is, you get to try unique types of coffee, prepared in unique ways. This is a black honey, which means the maximum amount of mucilage, or fruit, is left on the bean after the skin is removed. It dries this way with careful management to become a deep and rich cup with dark berry notes and a strong brown sugar sweetness.

1800m | Venezia Variety | Black Honey Process | Central Valley, Costa Rica

Tasting video here


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