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Sonora x Domingas Natural • Costa Rica • Cherry & Citrus notes • 12oz

Diego Guardia is a constant source of learning and knowledge for us. He has amazing insight into his coffees and always understands where very good cup quality comes from in each variety each year. This particular lot is from a neighbor from whom he purchased and processed cherries. The name of the neighboring farm is Domingas, and the owner is a chemist who excels in soil and crop science. Diego processed this coffee in the cherry on tarps directly on the ground. This leads to cooler temperatures and a longer drying time, and is a really unusual method Diego has perfected.

In addition to the typical "Sonora Boozy Berry" flavor which makes Sonora one of our best selling coffees every year, Domingas also has a lot of light floral and citric notes. This collaboration between two different producers who excel in their own areas is an exciting coffee that shows the impact of processing versus soil on the cup.

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