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Carbonic Geishas | Reserve 150g Tin

•• Limited to: Estrella 250 tins | Castellon 450 tins ••

Please note: This coffee has a limited roasting schedule of once per week. This may cause a delay in shipping to the next roast date. All items ordered with Castellon will ship with it.

la Estrella: 

Jairo Lopez realizes his passion for coffee on the Andean Cordillera Central. As a Civil Engineer, he embodies bold innovation, and his farms have become a mecca for varietals including Mokka, Pink Bourbon, Java, and Geisha. This Geisha was fermented anaerobically and then processed 72 hours via carbonic fermentation before being dried as a natural.

Tasting Notes: Bold and Complex. Strawberry Syrup, Rosewater, and a Silky Red Wine Complexity


Castellon is Jairo Arcillas farm, sitting on Camino de Simon Bolivar, where a daring march secured victory over Spain more than 200 years ago. This same spirit of rebellion and progress drive Jairo (along with two passionate sons) to produce this washed Carbonic Geisha. It’s elegant and punchy, with a bubblegum quality you find in CM wines!

Tasting Notes: Lively and Bright. Mirabelle Plum (the yellow plums - more floral), Violet, Strawberry Jam, and Jasmine.


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