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La Clandestina • Black Honey • Costa Rica | 12oz

Driving us up the side of the Volcan Poas in his 40 year old Defender Jeep, Barney Duran explained his plans for exiting commodity coffee. His extended family has coffee plots spread across some of the best volcanic soil in Costa Rica, and Barneys father Eduardo has farmed here his whole life. It's a beautiful and windswept area, and here the Durans have planted Ethiopian hybrid coffees that began cupping extremely well!

The hybrids are only part of Barneys plan, and the other half consists of experimenting with extended fermentation times, unique drying substrates, and achieving a signature taste of roasted Cocoa Nibs. His coffees easily stood out for their vibrance and sweetness, but it was this distinct flavor that drew me in. Being able to have a coffee that clearly tastes like a unique terroir and process is a gem in our lineup.

1800m | H17 Ethiopian Hybrid Variety | Black Honey Process | Los Robles, Costa Rica


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