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la Foresta Wush Wush | Reserve 150g Tin

 •• Limited to 130 tins of each: Natural and Washed process ••

Note: this is a pre-order product scheduled to START roasting  and shipping mid-week the week of April 18. Anything ordered with Wush Wush will ship with it.

Washed- Brewing Notes: Grind as normal for brew method
Grind: 7/10  |  Ratio: 1:15  |  Bloom: 40g water  |  Total Brew: 2:30
Natural- Brewing Notes: Grind finer than usual; high agitation
Grind: 5/10  |  Ratio: 1:16  |  Bloom: 50g water  |  Total Brew: 3:00

There's nothing like the chase of the elusive, the just out of reach goal. You hunt diligently for years for a lead and then turn suddenly and find it right over your shoulder. Wush Wush has been such a hunt for me - ever since I tasted the first example of this wild and unrestrained variety nearly three years ago. 

The hunt ended with two cousins in San Agustin, Colombia - one of the towns I've visited more than any other in sourcing coffee. Mauricio and Fernando produced the best example of this heirloom strain of coffee I've ever tasted. They're producing several exciting coffees with very innovative processes, but for today we're focused on this one final (for now) chapter of our search for known land race coffees.

Tasting Notes: This is one of the punchiest and unusual of the heirloom varieties we've found. Similar to Sudan Rume and Sidra it shares the vibrance of Geisha but has a very unique flavor profile.

Washed: Pineapple, Wild Strawberry, & Malbec Grape

Natural: Port Wine, Chinese Apricot, and Mint

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