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Manzana Geisha Natural | Reserve 150g Tin

Reserves have a limited roasting schedule and the roast date may be up to  7 days after ordering. Everything still ships fresh after roasting!

500 tins available


Surrounded by nature, the Fleming family has embraced her as a friend,  and in turn Nature responds with beautiful coffee. I was at Finca Genesis in Costa Rica when Oscar poetically told me that he embraced biodiversity to "be in harmony with the hologram of the universe." Its stuck with me ever since, and when I find a producer who follows this mindset of viewing nature as an ally we immediately connect.

Finca Santa Teresa has more than 300 acres in one of the most ecologically important areas in Central America, if not the world. To ensure that their impact is a positive one,  they only farm coffee on 30% under natural shade canopy. Like so many producers we work with it's not for a certification, but because they love the plants and animals in the surrounding mountains. They have a lot of pride in the toucans, quetzals, and hummingbirds that call their farm home.

And as is the case nearly 100% of the time, when you care for the land, the land gives you beautiful plants and coffee.

Manzana Natural Process: One of the sub-plots on Santa Teresa that scored over 90 points for us, Manzana is a Pink Tropical Fruit Punch medley. Crushed Mulberry, Pink Mango, and Vibrantly Sweet Florals define this lively and fun cup.

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