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Looking out the window at coffee trees on the tour bus, you reach for your machete. We're heading into the jungle, forging new paths to excellent cherries. 

Be transported to the coffee world with the Corvus Traveller's Subscription. Organized collections in this subscription highlight coffees from each major growing region we work with. You'll receive one single origin coffee each month unique to the series from the region we're currently exploring. 

This fall we adventure to East Africa- look forward to four incredible coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya. This series will include:

  • Yukro Telila- A washed Ethiopian heirloom from an iconic washing station- one of the first origins we bought from.
  • Bale Mountain- An exciting new process: anaerobic natural Ethiopian heirloom from our dear friend Israel's flagship washing station.
  • Adola Woreda- A washed anaerobic Ethiopian heirloom that completely blew us away- the future of Ethiopian coffee is here.
  • Karimikui- A washed Kenyan SL28 from the Rugento washing station, where the enigmatic Kii calls home.

You will also receive:

  • 3-4 part coffee series meticulously selected by our Head Green Buyer
  • A bespoke design for each series illustrated by top-notch artists
  • A booklet with details on each farmer

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