Bale Mountain Natural • Ethiopia | LIMITED | 12oz

Bale Mountain is a coffee that is very special. This is from the first harvest of the farm, Bale Mountain, recently purchased by Israel Degfa. It's rare to find farms that are of any decent size in Ethiopia, and most produce just a bag or two per year. By owning this large farm, Israel will have full transparency to all aspects of coffee production. Like we always say, visibility is the key to quality, which is the key to sustainability! 

This is a natural processed coffee, and has a lot of the typical natural flavors - berry, stone fruit, and also more unique to this lot is the intense florals. We usually view florals as not only a desirable tasting note, but a sign of good processing. It's a medium bodied coffee (heavy for Ethiopian coffee standards), and has a ton of sweetness.

We have a very small amount of this really special coffee. Our subscription boxes will have the majority of it, and we're releasing the little remaining to the rest of our customers until it's gone!

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2000 meters | Ethiopian Varietal | Natural Process | Gedeo, Ethiopia

Tasting video 

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