El Cedral Red Honey • Costa Rica | 12oz

This is a new relationship for us - one of those coffees that you find randomly on the cupping table while visiting a country you can’t pass up! This farm is owned and operated by Marvin Valverde. It’s at the forefront of what is best in Costa Rica. It’s organized and has lots of visibility to processing.

There is a micro mill that handles coffee from cherry to sorted green coffee: the entire supply chain. Marvin is a fifth generation coffee producer and his sons, who are active at El Cedral would be the sixth generation to produce coffee here. These farmers are coffee nerds at origin, and describe themselves as true “coffee lovers.” It’s the heart of our real goal; farmers being able to produce coffee because they want to, not because they have to, and having the resources to do it really well! We have high hopes to be able to find consistent flavor profiles here year to year because of this organization and visibility.

This particular lot is a Red Honey coffee. Dried with a medium amount of fruit pulp on the coffee, red honey can be called the best balance of all honey processes. This coffee is dark red in its raw form, indication of a long period of drying and it shows up in the cup as a higher amount of fruit flavor and deeper sweetness.  

1800 meters | Caturra Varietal | Red Honey | Tarazzu Valley, Costa Rica

Tasting video coming soon

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