Ndaroini • Nyeri, Kenya | 12oz

 We love a really good coffee, but what we really prize is great relationships with producers. The start of a good relationship is quality coffee, but beyond the honeymoon phase it's quality of character. Ndaroini drew our attention with this coffee; one of the best coffees we've had from Kenya. When we visited this December we met John, the station manager, and were blown away with his intensity and integrity. John knew the answer to every question we had about the processing at Ndaroini, was eager to hear about how his coffee was roasting, and how you - our customers - were enjoying it. 

This station in Nyeri, Kenya, revolves around the mantra - almost religiously - of "clean coffee." All of John's developments in  washing and grading the coffee here all are the end of getting clean coffee. The usual grading involves floating the coffee at the depulper into P1, P2, and P3 (P1 being the most dense and highest quality), and then drying. John has implemented an additional grading of P1 and P2 into an additional 3 grades, essentially allowing for us to purchase the P1 of P1. IE the densest and highest quality beans from the densest and highest quality beans. Additionally, John is pausing and restarting the fermentation in order to be able to control and elongate the process to increase the complexity and vibrance; oh yes, and the cleanliness of the coffee.

This was one of the most winey coffees we've brought in from Kenya. We prize this flavor note very highly in Kenyan coffees because it's rarely found as intensely in any other region. We get red wine, tropical fruit, and grapefruit notes.

2000 meters | SL28 + SL34 Varietal | Fully Washed | Gikanda Union


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