La Libertad • Guatemala | 12oz

La Libertad is back! This group of producers live high in the mountains of Huehuetenango near the now famous El Injerto farm. The Huehuetenango region is filled with very high peaks and extremely low valleys, seeming to create multiple microclimates and variances in terroir. The producers up here have worked really hard to build a name for themselves through a focus on quality and our exporting partner, Eduardo Ambrocio, has done an excellent job of micro-lotting their coffees to equate price and quality.

La Libertad has always had a distinct cup and this year it jumped out at us again on several tables of coffee from this region. Overall it's a big chocolatey cup, but Libertad has very nice berry tones and a floral aroma. It always seems to balance between very full & rich while exhibiting an underlying complexity of flavor. 

This particular lot is a very small lot and won't last too long. We purchased another lot of Libertad's coffee for our very popular Dead Reckoning blend. 

1700 meters | Caturra Varietal | Washed Process | Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Tasting video coming soon

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