Munyinya Red Honey • Burundi | 12oz

Munyinya is a red honey processed coffee from Long Miles coffee project in Burundi. Munyinya is one of several “hills;” small growing communities which have been identified as having a unique flavor profile, near the Buckeye washing station. Munyinya was actually the first hill which Ben and Christy visited while travelling through Africa, before setting up the Long Miles project, and it was here that the potential for Burundi coffees was pressed into their hearts and minds.

Munyinya lies just beyond the Buckeye commune down a winding dirt road cut into the side of steep slopes covered in coffee. Farmers here are supported by two Long Miles coffee scouts who provide agronomy knowledge and keep lines of communication open throughout the season with the mill. These scouts are part of the system which Long Miles has created to provide opportunity, growth, and a sense of pride to this coffee community. Their focus is on quality coffee and through this livelihoods filled with purposeful occupation.

This particular lot is a honey processed coffee, and we’ve found it to be exceptional! Delicate floral aromas combine with lively tropical fruit character in the cup for a balanced juicy coffee experience!

1800+ meters | Bourbon Varietal | Red Honey | Raised bed drying | Mubaga, Burundi 

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