Aguijotes Maragogype • Guatemala • Natural Maragogype


Through dedication, excellence can be preserved.

Our tendency is to avoid some of the larger bean varieties such as Maragogype as they can be extremely tricky to roast. However, the first year I cupped Maragogype from Aguijotes I thought I was tasting a low key Gesha.

Farming in the region of Jalapa in Guatemala, Nelson Zapata has now produced three harvests of Maragogype which have been incredible! This coffee has the full body we love in high altitude Guatemalans, but due to the variety and natural process is much more fruity and vibrant than what you typically find in this origin.

Region: Jalapa, Guatemala

Farm: Finca Los Aguijotes

Producer: Nelson Zapata

Process: Natural 

Variety: Maragogype

Tasting Notes: A charismatic and expressive large bean variety with mixed berry, peach, and lavender notes within a very smooth cup.