Evolutionary Reserves • Reserve Bundle

Purpose and passion give rise to the New High End 

Reserve and exotics are on a limited roasting schedule each week. Anything ordered with this reserve coffee may be delayed for a day or two.

Indulge in a captivating coffee experience with our exclusive set featuring two coffees which mark the ongoing evolution of two extraordinary farmers. First, Sebastian Gomez's second harvest of his newest coffee, a reserve Gesha. This is a masterpiece of meticulous farming, agronomy, and Anaerobic Natural fermentation which results in maraschino Cherry, Apricot, and Elegant Floral notes.

Then, enjoy the newest variation of Gesha from Luis Anibal of Villa Betulia. We were blown away by his discovery of "Gesha Queen." This mutation of the famed Gesha variety boasts larger beans and exotic cotton candy-like flavors.

These two coffees are testament to the idea that Excellence is a mindset, and farmers like Luis and Sebastian never cease to deliver amazing coffees that are simply a reflection of their pursuit of a better version of themselves.