Gesha Queen • Reserve Series • White Peach, Tropical Citrus, Hibiscus

Know nothing stays the same: experience the evolution of coffee in real time.

Enjoy the newest iteration of excellence from Luis Anibal, the extraordinary coffee curator and farmer of Villa Betulia in Huila, Colombia. With his farm boasting one of the world's most diverse gardens of exotic coffee varieties, our ongoing relationship reaches new heights this year with the release of "Gesha Queen."

This captivating mutation of the renowned Gesha variety, characterized by its larger beans and captivating cotton candy-like flavors, showcases Luis's unrivaled artistry. When we visited last year in Huila to learn more about our other rare and exclusive coffee, Maragesha, he surprised us with a pourover of this new emergence from this farm that never fails to amaze us!

Region: Huila, Colombia

Farm: Villa Vetulia • Luis Anibal

Process: Natural CM

Variety: Gesha Queen

Tasting Notes: White Peach, Tropical Citrus, Hibiscus

Reserve and exotics are on a limited roasting schedule each week. Anything ordered with this reserve coffee may be delayed for a day or two.



Grind: med-fine
Dose: 21g
Pour: 340g
Ratio: 1:16
Brew time: 2:45
Bloom: 30s
TDS 1.36
Extraction: 19.23%
A strong continuous pour will increase the extraction of this coffee through agitation and highlight the structured body.