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Jardines Gesha | Reserve 200g Tin

Roasting of Reserves & Exotics will be postponed until the first week of June.

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Jardines Gesha | Reserve 200g Tin


Region: Quindio, Colombia

Farm: Jardines Del Eden • Felipe Arcila

Process: EF2

Variety:  Red Gesha

Tasting Notes: White Wine, Strawberry, and Cotton Candy


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This is the first Gesha harvest from Jardines Del Eden Farm!

In the annals of Colombian coffee, Felipe stands as a paragon of the hero archetype – turning his back on a prosperous career in the distant land of Australia to heed the call of his family's farms and bring forth a new vision of coffee in his homeland. Over the span of a decade, he has woven a tapestry of unyielding quality, each thread a testament to his unwavering devotion. And now, at long last, the culmination of his tireless labor emerges from the earth, heralded by this first harvest of Gesha from the very farm where his journey began.

 *See dialing notes below

Phil's notes:

"Felipe Arcila had always thought coffee was in his past - a distant memory of his father's life. Jairo Arcila, once the executive chair of one of the largest coffee exporters in Colombia, didn't want his son to follow in his footsteps. So, Felipe received degrees in engineering, made the economic jump into the Australian market, and felt that he had left coffee behind. Fate had other plans, though.

On the other side of the world, Felipe began to see coffee in a different light. He saw the potential for a future in coffee that rivaled wine - a world of experimentation and specialty. He could no longer deny the calling of the bean, of the land, of his father's heritage. So, he returned home to Colombia and presented his father with his vision, but Jairo would not be moved. Jairo knew coffee, enjoyed traditional darker roasted commercial style coffee, and wasn’t interested in changing what he and the family did.

Undeterred, Felipe set out on his own. He began networking with other farmers, developing some of the first natural processed coffees in Colombia, and pushing boundaries. Over the next several years, he built one of the most innovative exporting and farming networks anywhere in the world. His success could not be ignored.

Jairo saw his son's triumphs, but still he hesitated. This coffee business was Jairo's legacy, and he wasn't ready to let go. But as Felipe slowly turned Jairo's farm, Castellon, into a reserve-level farm, Jairo began to see the potential in his son's vision. And when Felipe opened his flagship farm, Jardines del Eden, Jairo realized that this was not just his son's vision - it was his, too.

Together, they had bridged the gap between generations. They had brought old school coffee into the new world. Castellon, the farm that had been in Jairo's family for years, was slowly becoming the future. And with Jardines del Eden, Felipe was opening doors to a new wave of coffee innovation.

As I sat with Felipe, I couldn't help but be inspired by his journey. It reminded me of some of my own stories, of fathers and sons and the land that binds them. Once, I too had tried to run away from my roots, but they always caught up with me. Seeing Felipe and Jairo embrace each other's passions, despite their differences, reminded me of the power of the land, the power of family, and the power of a good cup of coffee." - Phil (Corvus Founder/Coffee Buyer)


Dialing Notes:

Grind: finer side of med-fine
Dose: 20g
Pour: 340g
Ratio: 1:17
Bloom: 45s
Extraction: 20.5%
Pulsated Pour