Pillcocaja Red Honey Ethiope • Exotic 8oz • Passionfruit & Orange Marmalade

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Ana and Nicolas, a dynamic brother-sister duo farming in Ecuador's Yuingilla Valley. Each harvest, they craft a minuscule yet extraordinary yield of super-premium coffee which goes to a small group of roasters. This year, I had the privilege of meeting them and hand picked a collection of exotic lots. Their mastery of fermentation and processing techniques, imparted by the renowned Ecuadorian farming legend and Corvus Coffee partner, Juan Peña, is brilliantly evident in this Red Honey Processed "Ethiope" - Ethiopian Heirloom - coffee

Region: Yuingilla Valley, Ecuador

Farm: Pillcocaja 

Producers: Ana & Nicolas Crespo

Process: Red Honey

Variety: "Ethiope" Ethiopian Heirloom

Tasting Notes: Very sweet & luscious with Passion Fruit and Orange Marmalade notes

Reserve & Exotic coffees are on a limited roasting schedule. Anything ordered with it will be delayed and ship alongside it.

Brewing Notes- V60
Grind: medium
Dose: 19g
Pour: 340g
Ratio: 1:17.5
Brew time: 3:30
Bloom: 30s
TDS 1.25
Extraction: 19.73

This is a unique coffee to brew! Use a very delicate pour (almost a drip from the spout of a gooseneck kettle) to keep the water level low in the brewer. The 1 : 17.5 ratio increases the extraction to balance out the jammy, luscious notes in this coffee. If the brew hasn't drained by 3:30 then pour even gentler and grind slightly courser.