Jardines Sidra • Reserve 200g • Strawberry, Peach

Embrace change in an ever-evolving future.

Felipe Arcila embodies the hero Archetype in Colombian coffee - returning from a successful career in Australia to his family farms and manifesting a fresh vision of coffee in his Country. He’s spent a decade creating a wave of unparalleled quality culminating in this farm, and this first harvest of Sidra. 

Sidra is a rare, modern variety, with the biggest characteristic of Sidra is the stonefruit forward and light citrus flavors with a silky mouthfeel. In the EF2 process, cherries are anaerobically fermented for 24 hours, moved into fermentation bags for an additional six hours, and then dried on beds used for natural processing. After the cherries are at the ideal moisture level, they are placed back into the anaerobic fermentation bags for an additional 2 days.

Jardines del Eden may produce rare and high grade coffees, but experimentation and the pursuit of the next level of specialty coffee is at the heart of their work. Innovations in fermentation as well as inclusions and experimental processing have taken Jardines del Eden to the forefront of the industry, blazing a path that is both inspiring and exciting for producers and coffee drinkers alike.



Process: Natural EF2

Variety: Sidra

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Orange, Peach


Reserve & Exotic coffees are on a limited roasting schedule. Anything ordered with it will ship alongside it.


Brewing Notes- V60

Ratio: 1:17

Grind: 7.9/10

Bloom: 1:2 for 30s

Total Brew: 2:35
Recommended continuous pour to bring out the body and acidity. This coffee does well with a medium-fine grind and a 1:17 ratio to let the full range of flavors shine.