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Villa Betulia Papayo • 8oz Exotic


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Luis Anibal has a sharp eye for unique plants. As he walks his field he's always looking for the rebel plant not fitting in. When he finds one he's careful to selectively harvest and cup that coffee to see what he's found. There's at least five varieties of heirloom, mutation, or cross pollination that have come from his farm over the last decade due to this attention to variation, and while I'm not sure if he was the first one to discover Papayo as a variety, it's in very capable hands here.

This coffee was one of our most enlightening discoveries in Colombia this year! Papayo is a mutation named for its distinctly papaya shaped cherries. It's currently rare, but  you will be seeing a lot of this coffee in the future. It has a fantastically unique and floral cup, and is easy to grow, is resistant to disease, has high production, and the fruit has lots of pulp. This makes it a great coffee for farmers just beginning to venture into exotic coffees. The additional pulp makes it a great candidate for different fermentation processes, so as farmers become more comfortable with high level processing there's a lot that can happen with Papayo. This particular lot was processed Anaerobically then washed.

Tasting Notes: A unique cup with Rose, Citrus Blossom, Apricot Jam, and Dessert Wine flavors.

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