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Villa Betulia Striped Bourbon • 8oz Exotic


Villa Betulia is on a limited weekly roasting schedule. Anything ordered with this exotic coffee may be delayed for a day or two.

Luis Anibal has a sharp eye for unique plants. As he walks his field he's always looking for the rebel plant not fitting in. When he finds one he's careful to selectively harvest and cup that coffee to see what he's found. There's at least five varieties of heirloom, mutation, or cross pollination that have come from his farm over the last decade due to this attention to variation.

This striped bourbon is uniquely expressive. He has selected trees over successive generations to produce extremely large cherries with prominent striations and exceptional cup quality.

Tasting Notes: Viscous and elegant with ripe plum, white peach, and jasmine notes.

Ratio: 1:15 | Grind: 8.4/16.0 | Bloom: 1:2 for 45s | Total Brew: 2:45
recommended continuous pour for a sweeter, more floral cup. this coffee grinds coarser than other exotics or reserves

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