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Good coffee captures a flavor. Great coffee captures a place. But the greatest coffees, the rarest ones, capture a moment. The Corvus Coffee Subscription provides access to those experiences, snapshots of a time and place, shared through exceptional coffees.

  • Sourcing

    We scour the Earth for rare coffees you can’t find anywhere else: emerging producers, unique processing methods, or distinct lots that score unusually high.

  • Roasting

    We delicately and purposefully roast each batch to highlight its natural characteristics. After all, a roast cannot improve a coffee’s quality; it can only diminish it.

  • Delivery

    We deliver your coffee, fresh from the roastery, at whichever frequency you choose, accompanied by a story of what led us to that lot, as well as what makes it special.


The Great Rift Valley

Man and coffee appeared here, in the great fault of the Earth. On the far side of Africa, this fissure gave us some of the most fertile land known to man. It’s the place where coffee evolved, and it’s still the best place for creating the most vibrant and expressive coffees in the world.

This series will explore what is still a dark area in the world of coffee. I’ve been working directly in Africa for almost seven years, and this series will showcase both its range and potential. You’ll experience brand new origins, as well as processes that are very new to some of our favorite regions.

  • Ethiopia   ||   Zion Natrural

    A wrong turn, an unintended destination. A new terroir from the Land of Ancients.

  • Congo   ||   Umoja

    The Heart of Darkness, where the heritage of terror equals the potential for a small group of women.

  • Kenya   ||   Mitaboni

    The wrong side of the mountain, where water flows uphill and the seasons are reversed.

  • The Great Rift Valley series will run January – April 2021. If you have a current subscription, you will be automatically included in this series. Price includes one delivery per month

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    • Astorias Rosa   ||   New Bourbon Varietal

      Pink Bourbon from Columbia

    • Bole Hora Natural   ||   A Single Estate Ethiopian

      October’s shipment is a single estate fruit bomb!

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