Rwanda Trip

   This summer we have the opportunity to partner with the Mizozi co-op in Rwanda. We will be working directly with the leadership of Abakundakawa and the women of Hingakawa, which are located just north of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city. Corvus Coffee is planning a service trip for those involved in the Denver coffee community to create a more sustainable product for these women in Rwanda. This co-op has been functioning well since 2005, but there are over 2,000 farmers and only 2 washing stations. With updated materials, these communities are able to charge more for their coffee- which substantially increases their personal economies as well as the economy of Rwanda. Sustainability and long-term positive results are the goal. John Rebero is the founder and executive director of the co-op; Kevin Nkunzimana is the managing director; and the company itself is a second-tier exporting co-op owned by the eight member cooperatives underneath, which produce coffee and operate several washing stations as well.  

   John and Kevin are beyond excited to host this summer trip in hope that we cultivate a real, lasting relationship with the farmers. This first trip is open to people already involved in the coffee community so that we can establish an initial relationship with the farmers. In the future, we hope to open the trip up to other participants within each of our communities. 

   A team of 10-15 of those involved in the Denver community will travel to Kigali, Rwanda to serve and improve the Misozi co-op, associated with the women of Abukundakawa. Projects will include fieldwork, such as cherry picking, planting seedlings, and assisting at the wet mill. We will also be repairing drying beds and painting the meeting hall.

When: Mid July 2017 (dependent on cheapest airfare)

Where: Kigali, Rwanda

Why it matters: 

   The purpose of the trip will be to promote sustainability among these collaboratives and to create a foundational relationship with their farmers.


   Trip volunteers are open to anyone within the Denver coffee community. In the future the trip will be open to those within the community. 

   Volunteers for fundraisers are very much appreciated. If you have a great fundraising idea, don't be shy. 

How can you participate:

   We can take up to 15 people to Rwanda for no more than ten days in July. Applications to volunteer in Rwanda are due Jan. 31st. If you want to help, but cannot attend the trip you can plan a fundraiser for someone going on the trip, for the overall project goal of $5,000, or for the team as a whole. Please spread the word to your circles. The more community support we have, the greater impact we can make in Rwanda. 

How to Sign Up:

   Contact Dom Etre at or Mandee Berry at to receive an application.