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We choose our favorite coffees each month to send; you receive something new each month, right when you need it!

As we travel and build relationships with farmers around the world, we often find unique lots of coffee which need to be showcased to a smaller audience. These could be coffees we find at exclusive auctions, hidden in remote areas, or produced as experimental lots by farmers with whom we have long standing relationships. Our membership coffee program is not only designed to deliver a regular supply of exceptional coffees from our normal production, but serve as a platform for us to showcase some of these more limited coffees.

Gift someone 3 months of coffee deliveries for the holidays! They will receive 1, or 2 bags once per month for 3 months. Your card will be charged each month and this will automatically stop at the end of the gift subscription!

Choose the number of bags you would like from the drop down menus.  The price will be charged to your card each month of the membership. Shipping included.

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Here's How It Works:
- Choose the products and delivery schedule that fits your needs

- No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

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