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Alasitas Geisha | Exotic 200g Tin

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Please note: This coffee has a limited roasting schedule of once per week. This may cause a delay in shipping to the next roast date. All items ordered with Alasitas Geisha will ship with it.

Dose: 23g | Water: 336g | Grind: Finer than usual
Pour: Pulsated at regular intervals 
Notes: This coffee has a very long brew time and typically doesn't finish brewing until 4:00 minutes. Stir your initial bloom to ensure saturation, but cut out excess agitation where you can. We recommend not to swirl your cone after the last pour.

If you want to purchase amazing coffee you need to look for amazing people. Good farmers inevitably produce good products by design, regardless of whether external conditions are favorable or adverse, and they naturally elevate their communities in the process. When you identify these farmers and bring their craft into your daily rituals, you begin to not only purchase amazing coffee, but to also empower someone who naturally empowers others.

Pedro Pablo is one of these pioneers who creates excellence in his own life and in the lives of those around him. He has succeeded in accessing specialty coffee markets around the world through vision and discipline. In doing so, he has pulled up hundreds of his neighbors along with him through training, coffee exportation, and quality milling. He took us to his beautiful farms in areas where no other coffees had ever grown, and when I tasted this Geisha I was simultaneously transported to a vision of all of the work Pablo has done to get here and the inspiring direction in which he is heading. This is an amazing coffee, one that will give you a glimpse into the best Bolivia has to offer and an idea of where it will go as people like Pablo forge the future.

Tasting Notes: a buttery smooth coffee with balanced brown sugar and grapefruit.

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