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Arcila Brothers • Introducing EF2 Process • 8oz Exotic

**Limited to 300 tubes*

Brewing Notes-
Geisha EF2 Nat : Slightly finer than usual grind
Grind: 6.5/10  |  Ratio: 1:17  |  Bloom: 40g water  |  Total Brew: 2:30

Castillo EF2 Nat Slightly finer than usual grind
Grind: 6.7/10  |  Ratio: 1:15.5  |  Bloom: 50g water  |  Total Brew: 3:00

Bourbon Rojo EF2 Nat Medium grind size
Grind: 6.9/10  |  Ratio: 1:16  |  Bloom: 40g water  |  Total Brew: 3:00

Everything in specialty coffee has been built around the idea that Terroir; soil, weather patterns, and land at a specific farm, is where all the value resides. But there's a new wave coming in specialty coffee. If you're looking for them, you can see the ripples building from the South. What I'm seeing is innovative processing coming into a place of prominence in specialty alongside terroir.
Riding the crest of the wave are the Arcila Brothers; Felipe & Jairo. Prodigal sons of Colombia, returning from careers as engineers in  Australia as coffee lovers they have burned the ships and jumped into coffee with unmatched creativity and passion. 
These three coffees highlight their flagship process, EF2, which combines anaerobic pre-fermentation of cherries, extended fermentation, and natural drying.
Castillo EF2 Natural: Golden Berry, Green Apple, Licorice Notes
Bourbon EF2 Natural: Ripe Pomelo, Mangosteen, Dark Cocoa Notes
Geisha EF2 Natural: Maracuya, Asian Plum, Jasmine Notes
Felipe & Jairo Arcila • Finca Castellon & Jardin del Eden • Quindio, Colombia

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