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Arcila Family Reserves | Reserve Bundle

Roasting of Reserves & Exotics will be postponed until the first week of June.

Our roasters will be out of the country sourcing coffee and will begin roasting all Reserve & Exotic orders received from 5/24 to 6/06 on Tuesday 6/06. Thank you for your understanding!

Arcila Family Reserves | Reserve Bundle

Reserve & Exotic coffees are on a limited roasting schedule. Anything ordered with it will ship alongside it.

Embark, if you will, upon a tale of father and sons, united in a quest to elevate the art of specialty coffee in the verdant lands of Colombia. In the Castellon Gesha and the Jardines Gesha, one bears witness to the interwoven strands of generational talent and skill. Jairo Arcila, patriarch and tiller of Finca Castellon's fertile soil, bestows upon us a Gesha redolent with the flavors of strawberry candy, orange, and kiwi. His progeny, Felipe Arcila, cultivator of the bountiful Jardines Del Eden farm, proffers the Jardines Gesha - a red Gesha that sings with notes of white wine, strawberry, and cotton candy. In this bundle we present to you, both coffees stand side by side, a testament to the Arcila family's dedication and mastery over the land, an offering we take great pride in sharing with those who seek the finest of brews.