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Astorias Rosa • Papaya, Floral, Juicy • Colombia 12oz


A blend of three Pink Bourbon micro-lots

Discoveries of new varieties are one of the highlights of any sourcing trip. For the last three to four years we've been seeing a new variety spread throughout Southern Huila in Colombia. Pink Bourbon is a very exciting coffee evolution because it has the holy grail of qualities; great cup, good plant health, and good productivity. For this reason many farmers are planting as much as they can!

This year was the first year we were able to cup a lot of deliveries of Pink Bourbon, and this coffee is three tiny lots that scored very high for us. It's coffee from Faiber Bolaños, Miguel Augusto (who we know well), and Lucero Ibarra.

The hallmark characteristic of Pink Bourbon cherries (we've been tasting them for years as we walk farms here) is a Papaya-like flavor. This coffee has that same tropical, pulpy sweet and floral characteristic. Additionally, it's fairly balanced and rich with a full body - really nicely complementing those tropical aromatics and sweetness!

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