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Bambito Geisha | Reserve 150g Tin

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Limited to 145 tins • 10/26 update: 15 tins available

10/28 update: 4 tins available

Please note: This is a pre-sale product which will roast and ship the week of the 26th. All items ordered with Bambito Geisha will ship with it.

Bambito  For four generations the Gonzalez family has produced just a handful of coffees from the mountain behind their home. Cupping in the original small house Ivan's Great Grandfather built, this washed Geisha showed one of the most classic profiles of Panamanian Geisha I'd ever tasted! 

Like a Cabernet Sauvignon from 60 year old vines at Robert Mondavi's original vineyard or the oldest vines from the oldest appalachian in Bordeaux; Bambito is beautiful, simple, and transports you to the origins of the geisha variety.

Tasting Notes: Jasmine-like coffee flower notes, fresh wild strawberry, and a bit of exotic fruit all bursting with vibrancy and fragrant aromatics.

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