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Barista Designed Stickers • Proceeds to our Crew

Our baristas and production crew are an amazing group. Amazing.

Courteney Gannon is a barista who also roasts and cups coffee two days a week. On top of that she is a talented local artist with a beautiful style. She has designed three stickers that our staff are selling to go into a employee fund. As proud as we are that we still have 100% of our people employed and working on new projects for our community, hours are a 'little' tight. The proceeds from these stickers will go towards covering lost wages for our hourly staff.

These will only be sold until we are back at full operating capacity - so they are the mark of a select group of people. If you see one of these on a water bottle or laptop someday you know that it is the sign of perseverance and self sufficiency (and give that person a high five). We're super pumped to offer you these designs.

This is a pre-order item that will ship the week of the 29th!

Chicken Bus: These buses are throughout Central America, but they get really crazy in Guatemala and El Salvador. Go ahead and google "chicken bus" - drivers put in huge engines, lift the front or back, add a dizzying amount of aftermarket lights, spoilers, and decoration to make these busses look like bats out of Vorticism Hell. And then they drive them like bats out of Vorticism Hell.

Defender with coffee: One of the most iconic things in coffee producing regions are the old 4x4s (that most of us would kill to have here in CO) loaded with insane amounts of coffee bags heading to purchasing stations. More often than not there is a dog or kid riding on top (we just thought the kid might not be PC) - god knows why. This design is based on one of the less overloaded trucks we have a picture of.

Guatemalan Picker: The women in Guatemala have beautiful fabrics and wear them on a daily basis. These people love their heritage, love their culture, and love the accompanying fabric, which they weave in their homes. It's a beautiful sight to see these colors moving amongst the green and red of coffee fields.