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Barrel Series • Law's Four Grain Bourbon | 8oz

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It's time for our bi-annual release of a small batch of whiskey coffee! 

Al and the Law's Whiskey House crew started distilling right around the same time we started roasting coffee - right down the street from our original location. Al and Phil hatched the idea to age green coffee with used bourbon barrels. We did and it turned out fantastic!

For this edition we aged coffee from Tumba washing station in Rwanda for 6 weeks with four grain bourbon oak. The coffee takes in some whiskey sweetness and vanilla aroma character from the whiskey infused oak and the result is an aromatic, orange dominated, and vanilla forward cup.

We have 300 limited edition cylinders available of the 2020 edition. This coffee will be released for pre-order June 12 and will roast and ship the week of June 15.

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