Tradition, Friendship, and Family.

Region: Quindío, Colombia

Farm: Santa Monica

Producer: Jairo Arcila

Process: Washed, Barrel Aged

Variety: Colombia

Tasting Notes: Enjoy exciting notes of Chocolate Liqueur, Vanilla, and Bourbon.

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Every Father's Day we collaborate with Al Laws to create a whiskey barrel aged coffee with the staves of his Four Grain Bourbon. Al Laws began stopping in for coffee between whiskey runs when both Corvus and Laws were in our early stages. Al wondered aloud what would happen if we aged coffee with his barrel staves, and a holiday tradition was born. This coffee is a beautiful blend of two passion-driven crafts.

Being a Father's Day release, this year we're using Jairo Arcila's Casa Negra. Jairo is the father of Felipe Arcila -- the father-son Colombian Coffee Farmers of Jardines Del Eden, Castellon Farm, and Santa Monica Farm. Jairo personally prefers coffees like this collab; full, rich, and robust. So we felt that pairing this coffee with Law's Four Grain Bourbon was a perfect fit.


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