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Bernadina & Mokka Set | Reserve 200g Tins


Two nomads find a home; one by luck, one by chance.

Bernadina is a lone tree, discovered in el Salvador by the Pacas farm manager, Bernard. He finds a unique tree, cups the coffee from it, and it's revealed to be a unique heirloom variety - think, a cousin of Geisha but not Geisha. It's a refreshing expression of Ethiopian Heirlooms with complex Florals, Peach, and Pink Lemonade notes.

Mokka evolved in Hawaii, and drew the attention of Rigoberto Herrera in Colombia. He carefully cultivated a unique version of the legendary seed through multiple generations of husbandry to become an almost unique sub variety of Mokka. This is a very fun coffee with huge personality and notes of raspberry greek yogurt and lingering sweetness.

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Exotic and Reserve coffees are on a limited roasting schedule, usually roasting once per week. Since we don't back stock coffee, this may mean there is a slight delay in shipping orders with exotic and reserves. 




1:16 ratio | Grind: 6.0/10 | Brew time: 2:45 | Bloom 1:2 for 30s | Continuous pour 

This coffee grinds finer than others and brews best with less agitation


1:15 ratio | Grind: 6.5/10 | Brew time: 3:00 | Bloom 1:2 for 30s | Continuous pour 

These beans are very small and dense- try not to overagitate the brew-bed 

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