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Bole Hora • Ethiopia • Redcurrant & Blackberry Notes • 12oz


One of the friendliest groups of people I've encountered was at Bole Hora in Western Guji, Ethiopia. Once I took a few photos there was nearly a halt to all work as people lined up to get their photo taken and then examine it. The Manager rushed around yelling at people to continue working, but even as we worked to extricate ourselves our never ending line of friends followed us.

When Biniyam, the owner, showed up he finally got everything settled down. He has the calm demeanor that comes from being the oldest in a very large family of coffee producers. This is our second year bringing in his coffee, and this harvest it was a washed lot that really caught our attention. We got a really nice redcurrant brightness, and a very clean and structured cup. It makes us really excited to continue to present coffees from this new but highly promising producer!

This is Bole Hora: Redcurrant, Blackberry, and Elegant.

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