Castillo Natural Decaf • 8oz • Colombia • Pineapple, Red Wine & Molasses

Experience a decaffeinated coffee with no compromises made.

Jairo is truly a champion of Colombian coffee and a pioneer in the industry. With over 40 years of experience in coffee production, Jairo has redefined what it means to produce high-quality coffee. Through his enterprising spirit, he has established multiple coffee farms and demonstrated a mastery of fermentation methods. Jairo's sons, Felipe and Carlos, are equally as impressive and have taken on their father's legacy with pride, launching Cofinet.

Originating from hybrids of arabica and robusta, Castillo was originally created to stave off the rust epidemic wreaking havoc throughout Colombia in the early 80’s. Since then, Castillo has been selectively bred to exhibit high cup qualities. This coffee is then naturally dried before the decaffeination process, called "Sugar Cane Decaf" - this means the caffeine was dissolved in ethyl acetate, a solution of Ethanol (derived from the abundant supply of Sugar Cane in Colombia) & acetic acid.

Region: Quindio, Colombia

Farm: Finca Buenos Aires • Jairo Arcila

Process: Natural

Variety: Castillo

Tasting Notes:  Pineapple, Red Wine & Molasses