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Colombian Reserve Set

Colombia is the epicenter of the new high end of specialty coffee. The varieties, processing, and risk taking mindset are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. This week our reserve drop includes three exotic varieties from three of the best farmers in Colombia.

Jardines Sidra: Felipe Arcila embodies the hero Archetype in Colombian coffee - returning from a successful career in Australia to his family farms and manifesting a fresh vision of coffee in his Country. He’s spent a decade creating a wave of unparalleled quality culminating in this farm, and this first harvest of Sidra. Lively and silky with Strawberry, Orange. and Ripe Peach notes.

Inmaculada Gesha: Julian Ramos is a well established legend in coffee. He has one of the finest collections of varieties in the world and his steady hand has given us one of the most outstanding geshas we’ve ever tried. Ramos named his farm “ Inmaculada” coffee farm. Inmaculada in English translates to immaculate, and you will discover that this gesha is nothing less than what its farm name suggests. An eclectic apex Gesha with Blue Raspberry, Mango, and Kiwi notes.

Hawaii Mokka: RIgoberto Herrera Has Cultivated a unique version of the legendary Mokka seed through multiple generations of husbandry. Although this strain of Mokka evolved in Hawaii, Herrera has created a unique sub variety and it has resulted in a distinct expression of this Mokka suited perfectly to this terroir. An archetype Mokka with Raspberry yogurt tartness and a lingering brightness.

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