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   To help raise money for our Rwanda Origin Trip we are pre-selling limited Rwanda Corvus Coffee T-shirt. The proceeds will help fund infrastructure for drying larger volumes of coffee, a generator, and renovating some of the infrastructure at this cooperative. By purchasing this t-shirt you are able to take the first step in getting involved with our Rwanda Project. We are also accepting donations for anyone who is eager to contribute further. To learn more, visit our website.  

 These t-shirts are designed and printed in Denver Colorado. The T-shirts are Next Level Apparel and are 60% cotton 40% polyester. The sizes are unisex except for the Women's V-Neck cuts in small, medium and large. 


What roast is your coffee?

We roast to a profile unique to each coffee which is designed to highlight the natural flavors of the bean while emphasizing sweetness and balanced acidity. On the spectrum of "typical roast" levels we would generally be in the medium to medium light on all coffees.

Do you offer ground coffee?

We do not. One of the best ways to brew really excellent coffee is to grind within 30 minutes of brewing. You'd be surprised the difference this makes, and our rule of thumb is grinding fresh on a very cheap grinder is better than pre-grinding on a very nice grinder.

Why is your coffee so expensive?

Really excellent coffee is picked by hand, and goes through multiple sorting processes and methods to improve quality. The higher number of processes involved in removing defects, underripe beans, and damaged beans the higher the amount of labor and the lower the yield from the farm. The extra work and higher amount of bad coffee removed is the primary reason for the increase in price.

Secondarily, we are trying to increase the amount farmers can earn for their coffee. We need to prove to them and their children (most importantly) that they can make a good living growing coffee. If this doesn't happen more and more farms will stop producing when children move to the city because of the low incomes in the coffee industry.

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