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Miir x John Van Horn Camp Mug

Partnering with illustrators is one of the most enjoyable parts of sourcing and then visually showcasing beautiful coffees and passionate farmers. Jordan, a core member of our roastery team, mentioned JVH aka Grandaddy Shrimp aka John Van Horn was one of his favorite artists, and we rang him up.

Our mind, at the time, was on the symbolism of the red-crowned-crane. This magnificent bird has represented close relationships and commitment in Asian culture for Millennia, due to how it forms life long relationships with a single mate.

We believe in the power of relationship with our producers, and work in close concert with individuals to bring back the same farms each year. So - we had 'ol Grandaddy JVH whip us up a fun Crane and Raven mug via our friends at Miir. 

Like all things - this design is limited, and will eventually be gone forever.

12oz • insulated stainless steel • hand wash only

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