The New High End

Origin: Costa Rica

Farms: Volcan Azul & Solis y Cordero

Producers: Alejo Castro & Ivan Solis

Processes: Natural & Black Honey

Variety: Geshas


Costa Rica is a place of beauty and contrasts, where the ocean meets the rainforest. It’s also where some of the smoothest coffees in the world are grown. Our customers love these coffees for their perfect balance of fruity African notes and the chocolate flavors typical of South America.

One of our favorites is the natural processed coffee from Diego at Hacienda Sonora. Every season, these beans win over a wide range of coffee lovers with their unique flavors. However, despite our extensive work in Costa Rica, we hadn’t explored Geisha coffees here, mainly because we were focused on reserves from Panama and Colombia. This year, I spent extra time visiting farms and tasting a variety of high-quality coffees in Costa Rica. This journey led me to some exciting discoveries: Costa Rica's potential for producing exceptional Geishas was untapped and ripe for discovery.

We are excited to introduce two new reserve-level Geishas: the Copey Geisha, processed with a black honey method, and the Volcan Azul, which uses an anaerobic natural process. These coffees come from experienced, multigenerational coffee growers who know their land and craft very well. They own their farms and processing equipment and work with excellent soil and climate conditions. The black honey process, now a signature method in Costa Rica, gives the Copey Geisha a rich, sweet flavor. The Volcan Azul's anaerobic natural process brings out bright, fruity notes. It's interesting to think about how these processes might taste different if done in Colombia. In Costa Rica, they create a coffee that is both fruity and smooth, a perfect balance.

These Geishas set a new standard for Costa Rican coffee. They are not just delicious but also tell a story of tradition and innovation. They mark the beginning of our journey into reserve-level Costa Rican coffees, and we look forward to discovering more amazing flavors from this region in the future.


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