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Duromina • Ethiopia • Orange & Lime Notes • 12oz


Traveling this far south in Ethiopia requires a strong constitution and a commitment to the hard seat of a Land Cruiser for nearly two days. Along the road you find your daily Jebena coffee, clay pots of coffee boiling over a low flame burner, offered up by women and girls right outside the front door of their homes. Sipping your way through the ever changing countryside gives you a great opportunity to take in the landscape: to a coffee buyer, the Terroir.

When I first passed into this area of Limu, the most distinct change was the terroir morphing from rolling, dry, green and brown hills to dark, lush, low vegetation. Deeply green and densely forested this area looks ancient and untouched all at once. For years I've seen that the single biggest influence on the flavor profile is the soil, and when the flora changes it means the soil is changing. 

Duromina is not unlike some Ethiopian profiles; citrus and jasmine are apparent, but I taste a rich juicy orange flavor that brings up the image of this dark green, ancient land. I imagine this to be how the first coffees tasted before the seeds left Ethiopia and became a world-wide phenomenon.

This is Duromina: Bright, expressive, and singularly elegant.

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