Casa de Piedra • Costa Rica | 12oz

 Casa de Piedra was a coffee that we found on our most recent trip to Costa Rica. We cup a lot of coffees when we're at origin, even though we generally know what producers we are looking to buy from. Call it due diligence, call it loving coffee, call it research. In any case, we often find coffees that we wouldn't otherwise through this constant desire to taste what is in each region. 

Casa de Piedra isn't a coffee we've bought in the past, but this particular lot is really excellent. We found it to be really mild and sweet, like many great Costa Rican coffees, but also to have a depth and vibrance that really make it shine on the cupping table. 

The name comes from the rock formations by the river at this farm. They are ancient stones that housed the first settlers in Costa Rica. Gerardo, the third generation farmer here, remembers spending summers camping in those ancient stone houses as a kid. He took over the farm from his parents with the goal of creating direct trade relationships with roasters, and the spearhead of this initiative is quality coffee. We purchased this particular black honey processed lot for just that reason and will make sure to visit this farm again when we're back there in the early spring!

1800 meters | Caturra Varietal | Black Honey | Tarazzu Valley, Costa Rica

Tasting video coming soon

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